Friday, April 2, 2010

Evernote #17!

I can't believe I made it to #17! This was such a hard task for me. All of the tools that I explored were so impressive and a little different from the last. The four that I really enjoyed are 1. Remember the Milk, 2. Tripit , 3. Woot, and 4. Evernote.

Remember the Milk was very useful for myself. I love making lists and that's basically what this website does. I like the idea of being able to share these lists with others and get reminders, however I'm not sure I would use it as I already get updates on my email from Google calendar. However the name is so catchy and the site was impressive.

Tripit was so fun and would probably be my #2 choice. I am only not choosing it because I didn't see how I could use it in the classroom. The only way I thought would be to plan 'trips' to Spanish Speaking countries using this site. It could be a good addition to a study abroad project we do in level 4. Personally though, this is such a great way to organize all of your confirmation numbers and trip itinerary information in one place. It's something I also want to tell my parents about as they have a great need for some trip planning tools!

Woot is a site I'm also very glad to have found. I have used other sites that seem somewhat similar to this, but I love the idea of a different item being sold everyday. I also love that it posts people's reviews of the item so that you can do a little research before buying too quickly!

The final tool that I chose as my #1 was I thought this was a very cool site and one that could be used in my classes as well. On this site, you can create different notebooks of plans, notes, websites, etc that you want to remember. These can then be shared with other users or can be made public as well. This would be a great site to use during group projects or presentations. Which would make collaboration among groups much more realistic in the student's busy lifestyles.

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