Friday, February 26, 2010

Animoto #13

This is the best 'thing' yet! I had so much fun creating my video, I can't wait to make more. Of course I can see how you get sucked into upgrading to the all access membership. 30 seconds just isn't enough! I will probably try and sign up next time with my school email so that I can get the educator access and use this with my classes! Most of my pics are of course of my 14 month old...he's the subject of the majority of our photos these days. Enjoy!

Riordans 2009

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Creative Commons #12

I feel completely ignorant when it comes to copyright laws. I am sure that I probably break them on a daily basis, between copying short stories for my upper level classes and using google images to make flashcards. This website seems really useful to get a better handle on these laws. I think it would be excellent for students to be introduced to this idea as well. I know that if I don't think twice about copying a picture from the internet, I'm sure they feel the same. It's definitely something that should be discussed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Library Thing #11

I just signed up for an account with Library Thing. I love to read and think I may actually use this. My sisters and I share books and this is a great way to organize what I have already read as well as get ideas for future books! I love that I can post both novels in English and Spanish too. Thanks Alicia!

My account at Library Thing is riordanb - check out my list!

Ning! #10

I wasn't sure I would like Ning, however after using the RB page it seems really cool as well as useful in the classroom. I can definitely see how I could use this with all of my classes and will plan to check in with the RB page as well!